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Committed to circular economy, Hongda Xingye upholds a development strategy to develop environmental protection business based on new materials and resource energy. Under the leadership of Chairman Zhou Yifeng, Hongda Xingye is persistent in developing new business sector and innovating our development philosophy, successfully transforming us from a traditional plastics trading company to a large new-type chemical enterprise. We explore the upstream industry to develop business in power genenration, coal, calcium carbide and so on to launch the PVC new material R&D division, and move to the downstream industry to develop environmental-friendly products such as 3-Dimension Eco-houses, soil conditioner, desulfurizer, calcium carbide waste. Our business is continously growing, extending to the industry of resoures, energy and customer services.


Persisent in our pursuit of excellence and innovation, we have established a business system integrating environmental protection, new materials and electronic trading. We have also constructed a circular development mode based on an industry chain featuring coal, calcium carbide, chlor-alkali products, PVC articles, soil conditioner and desulfurizer, successfully achieving a synergisitic effect. Currently, the industry chain has been further extended to supply-chain management realms such as E-commerce and modern logistics, rendering it the most comprehensive industry chain in the Chinese new type chemical industry. Closely integrated, the three businesses support each other while keeping abreast pace with one another, enabling the full utilization of resources and the self-sufficiency in energy, finally realizing a circular economic model.

New Materials

  As a highly innovative and forward-thinking company, Hongda Xingye has been devoted to

  developing advanced and environmentally friendly chemical raw materials and products.




Baotou Xindamao Rare Earth and Inner Mongolia Lianfeng Rare Earth Chemical Institute, two subsidiaries of Hongda Xingye, have successfully developed and produced new products such as rare-earth-based promoters and catalysts.Utilizing the resources of PVC raw materials and rare-earth-based promoters, Jiangsu Golden Material has developed a series of environmetal friendly new-type PVC articles, including plastics boards, agricultural films, drip irrigation equipments, PVC eco-houses and prefabricated houses.Taking advantage of these rare earth products, the subsidiaries such as Wuhai Chemical and Zhonggu Mining are engaged in the research and development of high value-added modified PVC and special PVC materials to fulfill the growing demand for PVC materials of high performance.

PVC construction boards are fire, water, and rot resistant construction materials which pose no harm to human body and the eco-system. Compared with traditional wooden boards whose production consumes a great amount of forest resources and high-formaldehyde colloid, PVC construction boards are environmentally friendly and of high performance, which grants them a great prospect in the construction board market.PVC construction boards are light, smooth and silky. They are easy to carry, to reprocess and to release from molds. The maintenance takes little efforts as they are stable and tough weather resistant. Last but not least, they are cost-efficient and environmentally friendly, which is in line with the central government's plan to facilitate circular economy.

PVC eco-houses are low-carbon and environmentally-friendly houses built out of PVC materials based on light steel villa structures. They are very convenient and pose no harm to human body theoretically. We also provide interior design and decoration services if needed.Light steel villas are very popular in developed countries such as Japan and the US. Well-established technology has successully granted them a life span as long as 70 years. They are also wind and earthquake resistant.

Prefabricated homes are specialist dwelling types of prefabricated building, which are manufactured off-site in advance, usually in standard sections that can be easily shipped and assembled.Compared with typical homes, prefabricated homes are more energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly and sophisticatedly-structured. They can reduce to the maximum common home problems such as wall cracking and leaking and render homes more secure, endurable and fire-resistant.

Golden Materials Tech produces a variety of pharmaceutical packaging materials, including rigid PVC sheets, high barrier rigid compound sheets based on PVC, PVDC and PE, rigid PVC/PE compound sheets, rigid cold-formed aluminum sheets and PTP aluminum foils.

PVC sheets is a new-type packaging material produced through extrusion or calendaring. They are silky, of even thickness and easy to process. They are often used as packaging materials for cosmetics, food, clothes, stationary, toys, handicrafts and so on.PVC transparent or colored films is an excellent compound for producing packaging bags, raincoat, table clothes, curtains, inflatable toys and so on. They are able to resist fire, cold, pressure, static electricity, impact, stretch and aging.

Golden Materials Tech offers a variety of interior and exterior decoration materials widely used in home, office, hotel and meeting venue decoration, including interior decorative plates, exterior hanging boards, interior floor, hanging decorations, faux stone wall, cabinets and so on. There are many designs and colors to choose from and the materials are environmentally-friendly and easy to process. Stable, they can resist water, insects, humid weather, rot, aging and deformation.

PVC-based wood-plastics composites enjoy the advantages of plastics as well as wood. They are water, rot and insect resistant like plastics while retaining the texture of wood. They can be used for landscaping. Typical products include exterior and interior decorations, floors, railings, flower boxes, pavilions, benches, tables and so on.

Environmental Protection

In pursuit of a low-carbon sustainable development strategy, Hongda Xingye utilizes the byproducts formed in the production of chlorine-alkali products to produce soil conditioners and green desulfurizers, successfully developing a business in environmental improvement.

As a subsidiary of Hongda Xingye, Western Environmental Protection is a large high-tech company engaged in the development of soil amelioration and environmental improvement technologies, dedicated to providing solutions for various environmental problems. Boasting a soil conditioner production capacity of 1.2 million tons per year, the company has established three business divisions of soil development, desulfurization & denitration and environment projects, with its products widely used in industries such as agriculture, electricity, coking and steel. Other subsidiaries involved in soil science study include Guangdong Institute of World Soil Resources, Western Institute of Environmental Protection and so on.


Since 2015, Hongda Xingye has been conducting pilot tests to promote the use of soil conditioners. The first batch of tests was carried out in regions that reported relatively severe soil acidification, such as Guangdong and Fujian province. Meanwhile, we've also rent 56 thousand mus of land in Inner Mongolia to start to improve saline-alkali soil.


Hongda Xingye is dedicated to forging a professional and scaled platform for soil amelioration and agriculture production chain management, featuring all-rounded soil improvement solutions and PPP operation. Hongda Xingye seeks to facilitate the development of modern agriculture by increasing the effective agricultural land with soil conditioners, and promoting the circular and sustainable use of farmlands. According to the test results, soil conditioners can raise on average soil PH by 0.5-1, and increase production by 10-20%.

Electronic Trading

As a forward-thinking company, Hongda Xingye keeps extending the industry chain upstream and downstream, establishing a platform for plastics exchange while involving itself in the production and sales of plastics. Approved by the State Council, Hongda Xingye set up Guangdong Plastics Exchange (or GDPE), the only electronic plastics exchange in China. As the spot exchange center for the Chinese plastics industry with the greatest trading volume and varieties, GDPE is dedicated to providing plastics enterprises from home and abroad with services in electronic spot trading, logistics & warehousing, procurement and E-commerce. The GDPE China Plastics Price Index issued by the company, which is the first plastics index in China, has become the price parameter for China’s plastics raw material industry.


Taking advantages of the great resources accumulated by GDPE, Hongda Xingye gradually diversified its business in the Internet Industry to dabble in emerging industries such as cross-border E-commerce and Internet Finance, and great achievments have been made. Currently, the subsidiaries involved in the Internet industry include GDPE, Wanshangtai E-commerce, Wanshangdai Financial Information Service and so on.


WST is a new-generation comprehensive E-business platform forged out of the concept of Internet Plus by GDPE. Apart from serving as a fair and neutural online shopping platform, WST also provides supporting services, including cross-border procurement and offline experience. Currently, many world-famous factory suppliers and vendors have settled at WST, which coupled with the incredibly rich variety of commodities in the WST proprietary shop enables customers to enjoy online leisure shopping in a mouse click. WST reported a total trading volume of more than 300 million yuan in 2015, with its vendors rising above 3,000, commodities varieties 30 thousand, and users 200 thousand.


To grasp the development opportunity in cross-border E-commerce, GDPE established Guangzhou Circle Cross-border E-commerce, a unit dedicated to introducing premium international brands to Chinese consumers. We also set up a 10000-square-meter experience center on the second floor of Guangzhou Circle to enable our customers to learn more about our goods.

In 2015, WSD, the first supply-chain-finance-oriented internet investment and financing platform in China was founded to provide our clients with better financing service. Taking advantage of the rich resources of GDPE, WSD has established an eco-system combing Internet Plus and Supply Chain Finance to offer a secure, stable and convenient internet investment and financing choice to supply chain enterprises and investors.