Research & Development


Hongda Xingye actively engages itself in the R&D related to the industry chain and steps up support to the Industry-University-Research Collaboration. We have established stable long-term cooperation relationship with many famous universities and institutes, including Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Baotou Institute of Rare Earth, Beijng University of Chemical Technology, and Yangzhou University (YZU).


We set up in 2015 Guangdong Institute of World Soil Resources (or GIWSR), the first non-governmental soil institute in China. With a comparatively excellent R&D team, GIWSR has established a regional soil herbarium, laying a solid foundation for soil resources research in China.


The company has also built close relationship with YZU Institute of Garden & Landscape Design and Jiangsu Institute of Garden & Landscape Design. Golden Material Tech, a subsidiary of ours, has been involved in the industry of PVC articles for more than 30 years, which renders it quite competitive when it comes to technologies and talent reserve.


Apart from attaching great importance to independent research and development, we also value the platform of Industry-University-Research Collaboration. We seek to improve our competitiveness and innovative capacity by putting constant effort into the development and industrialization of new products.


Scientific Research Achievements:

Lianfeng Rare Earth has achieved rapid development in the research on rare earth application through cooperation with Baotou Institute of Rare Earth and CAS Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry. Currently, Lianfeng Rare Earth has developed the technologies to produce rare-earth-based PVC stabilizer and catalysts.


Persistent in product innovation, Golden Material Tech has developed a number of new products in the realm of agricultural films, drip irrigation, family gardening and so on.


As a national new high-tech enterprise, Wuhai Chemical has been engaged in the innovation of production techniques to continously improve the resource and energy efficiency, which lavishes it with a great many patents and scientific achievements.