The mid-2017 work report conference of Hongda Xingye Co., ltd

July 28, 2017

To comprehensively summarize the production and business operation conditions during the first half of 2017, make out the work plan of second half year, and succeed in finishing the production and operation targets, the mid-2017 work report conference was held in Zhonggu Mining Co., ltd in Inner Mongolia on July 16, 2017.


Heads of all departments of Hongda Xingye and all member companies respectively made the work report, giving a comprehensive review and summary about their work during the first half of 2017, analyzing the current problems, putting forward how to carry out the work during the second half of 2017 combined with company’s overall development strategies and core business.


After hearing the work report, Chairman Zhou Yifeng affirmed the achievements made in the first half year and gave important instructions on the next work for second half year. The achievements made in the first half year depend on efforts from all staff in Hongda Xingye, hoping that all members, in the spirit of “To Work to Create the Future”, can insist on customer-centric and market-oriented plan, remember the manufacturing philosophy “Only 100 Points Security, not 99”, make a good promotion of company image and its products, strengthen the talents echelon construction and improve the talents’ selection and training mechanism,” chairman Zhou Yifeng said.