Hongda Xingye actively participates in fluorescence shuttle sport for poverty alleviation

Nov. 29, 2017

In order to fulfill social responsibilities, Hongda Xingye actively participates in fluorescence shuttle sport for poverty alleviation.


On November 18, "fluorescence shuttle sport for poverty alleviation" was held in the Guangdong Radio and Television Studio. Hongda Xingye was invited to participate in this activity. As a responsible enterprise, Hongda Xingye has positively responded to the call of the party and government since its establishment. It actively participates in social public welfare works, fulfills its social responsibilities, makes devotions of love and repays to the society.



  Runners in fluorescence shuttle sport for poverty alleviation 



  Hongda Xingye won the "best public welfare supporter"


In the activity, a total of more than 400 people from all walks of life took part in "fluorescence shuttle sport for poverty alleviation". They dressed in tournament costumes and held glow sticks  from a number of venues to raise money for the two poor villages---Xiaxi village in Shaoguan and Shangxi village in Heyuan. This event connects the poverty alleviation with the popular city shuttle activities. In addition, a charity bazaar was held at the scene where items including children's drawings were auctioned. Finally all items were donated to the two poor villages.



                                The song of "angel's wings" from the staff of Hongda Xingye


                           The program of "Ganges Girl" from the dancers team of Hongda Xingye


                   The program of "the sun is always behind the storm" from Hongda Xingye team

It has been learned that Hongda Xingye and Guangdong Radio and Television Station have already sent small teams to Xiaxi village in Shaoguan and Shangxi village in Heyuan, and they have donated living materials, stationeries and audio-visual products to the two villages. In order to participate in the show, Hongda Xingye made the meticulous preparations, organized staffs to perform excellent programs, and it also appealed to all sectors of society to convey the positive energy of "helping" and make dedications of love.