“532 Talents Project” aims to first-line employees and nearly a thousand people have been participating in it

Mar. 22, 2018

In order to further improve the talents selection, Inner Mongolia Zhonggu Mining Co., Ltd. owned by Hongda Xingye conducted the selection test of “532 Talents” on March 12, with more than 160 employees taking part in.


The test completely assessed the business capabilities, comprehensive capabilities and innovation capabilities of participants in terms of such contents including safety production, technical process, job responsibility, and administration operation. Zhonggu Mining Co., Ltd had already conducted another test for talents selection which provided a strong talent pool for company.


As one of the key development strategies, “532 Talents Project” aims to build the 532 talents team and improves the talent development system. Nowadays our company has been pushing the “532 Talents Project” which attracts nearly a thousand people including technology backbones in first line and management personnel. Next, our company will have a targeted and planned training for qualified candidates in primary selection.

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