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Hongda Xingye Co., Ltd was listed on 25th June, 2004 in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock name: Hongda Xingye; Stock code: 002002). The registered capital is RMB 2,584,549,733.00. The company now has the following subsidiaries: Inner Mongolia Wuhai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Zhonggu Mining Industry Co., Ltd., Western Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., Baotou New Damao Rare Earth Co.,Ltd. Inner Mongolia Hongda Hydrogen Energy and New Material Institute Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Zhongke Equipment Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Golden Material Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Plastics Exchange Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Institute of World Soil Resources. Hongda Xingye, a company which values diligence, keeps the pace with the markets and always gives priorities to customers, has a passion for innovation, making itself a leader in the industry of new materials.


The company adheres to the development philosophy of “circulation economy”, and have established a complete industry chain of “environment protection, new materials and Exchange”. Now, our capacity and comprehensive management strength of PVC, caustic soda, calcium carbide, rare earth new material, soil conditioner ranked top class in the industries.


The company provides a wide range of products and services, including soil conditioner, desulfurizer; environmental modification engineering services such as soil remediation, desulfuration and denitration; PVC new materials like PVC, modified PVC, PVC building formwork, PVC pharmaceutical packaging material,PVC ecological houses; rare earth new materials such as rare earth heat stabilizer, rare earth catalyst.And we also provide services of B2B e-commerce, comprehensive logistics, technical support for largespot industrial raw materials.


The company persists in using the thinking of “Creation Promotes Development” to guide its work.Based on the principle of innovation, the company has established long-term working relationship withChinese Academy of Sciences, Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earth, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Yangzhou University. By continuous technological innovation, product innovation,service innovation and management innovation, the company explores and develops new products that cater to the market needs.The company gives full play to the synergistic effect caused by upstream and downstream industrial chain. Through unremitting efforts, the company will create better benefits and further reward shareholders and the whole society.


Corporate Leadership

Zhou Yifeng


Mr. Zhou Yifeng holds the position of chairman of of Hongda Xingye Group Co., Ltd, Hongda Xingye Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002002), chairman of Inner Mongolia Wuhai Industry Co., Ltd., chairman of Guangdong Plastics Exchange Co., Ltd, dean and board chairman of Guangdong Institute of World Soil Resources, president of Guangdong Chaozhou Chamber of Commerce, Guangdong alumni association chairman of Tsinghua University EMBA, entrepreneur mentor of Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management MBA and Master of Finance, and consultant professor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, he is also the representative of the twelfth National People's Congress, Guangzhou representative of the thirteenth and the fourteenth National People's Congress.


Adhering the spirit of diligence and innovation, Mr. Zhou engages in managing chemical industry, environmental protection, new materials and exchange industry, for a long time. He keeps on leading the company innovate in technologies and business modes, leading Hongda Xingye seize the opportunities of reform and opening-up and the high speed development of PVC industry, and trying to make it a world-renowned, specialized, large-scale, industrialized and modernized enterprise.


Corporate Culture

Corporate Philosophy

To Create Our Future
with Constructive Efforts

Operation Philosophy

Market-oriented & Customer-based

Management Philosophy

People-oriented & Wise Regulation

Talent Philosophy

Virtues First, Talents Second
Full Play Given to Everyone

Product Philosophy

Significance Given to Product
Quality and Technology Innovation

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